July 29 - August 1, 2021


international web series festival
REALIST WEB FEST is the only international web series festival in Russia. The third edition of REALIST WEB FEST – the part of the Web Series World Cup – will take place in Nizhny Novgorod.
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Main competition
1. Can't stay, can't go, Russia, Germany, directed by Yang Ge
2. Dates & Mates, Russia, directed by Kirill Alyokhin.
3. Hotelier notes #Helvetia, Russia, directed by Radda Novikova
4. Aliens are among us, Russia, directed by Anastasia Zavadskaya, Vladislav Bakhanovich
5. Marta, Russia, directed by Liza Muha and Kirill Popovich
6. The Millionaire from Balashikha-2, Russia, directed by Nikita Tamarov
7. Don't be afraid, Russia, directed by Evgeny Kolyadin
8. Night Witches, Kazakhstan, directed by Ernar Nurgaliev
9. P.S. or Incredible discoveries of the deepest mysteries of the human race, Russia, directed by Alexey Furmanov, Stanislav Shapkin
10. YouTube police officer, Russia, directed by Akaki Sakhalashvili
11. The last days of trash, Russia, directed by Victor and Victoria Kravchenko
12. Five plus, Russia, directed by Dina Shturmanova
13. You're fool, Russia, directed by Anna Zaitseva
14. Married life scenes, Russia, directed by Shota Gamisonia
15. Sister, Russia,directed by Sergey Chetverukhin
16. #SORRYDANY, Russia, directed by Eliza Martirosyan, Evgeny Belikov
17. #FAKE_NEWS, Russia, directed by Lada Iskanderova
18. Backstage, Spain, directed by Gaston Haag
19. Bastards, Switzerland, directed by Malou Briand, Raphaël Meyer
20. Cancelled, Australia, directed by Luke Eve
21. Cronos, Brazil, directed by Luciano De Lima
22. Detention Adventure-2, Canada, directed by Joe Kicak
23. Dreckula, Israel, directed by Marc Grey
24. Evil Empire: Friday the 13th, Republic of Korea, directed by Inchun Oh
25. Fritures, France, directed by Jonathan RIO
26. Haus Kummerveldt, Germany, directed byMark Lorei
27. Heat, Netherlands, directed by Martijn Winkler
28. iТамара, Russia, directed by Stanislav Ilchenko
29. In network, Argentina, directed by Gisela Benenzon, Alejo Rosemberg
30. Love, Guns & Level Ups, Australia, directed byAndrew Shanks, Nicholas Cleary
31. Maestra Veneno, Uruguay, directed by Eduardo Maquieira
32. Marcus & Mercier, France, directed by Anthony Légal, Michaël Marie
33. Off, Italy, directed by Christian Cinetto
34. Per Aspera, Italy, directed by Andrea Traina
35. Public writer-3, Canada, directed by Eric Piccoli
36. Romantics, Brazil, directed by Priscila Maria
37. Section, Marche!, Switzerland, directed by Frédéric Favre
38. Sheker, Kazakhstan , directed by Aitore (qazaqbro)
39. The Communist's Daughter, Canada, directed by Leah Camero
40. The Florists, Canada, directed by Maxime Pouliot
41. The last youtuber, Uruguay, directed by Martín De Benedetti
42. The Pool, USA, directed by Adam Bowers, Hayden Livesay
43. There is no I in island, Australia, directed by Rebecca Thomson
44. Valerianas, Brazil, directed by Renan Amaral

Pilot's competition
1. Millennials, Russia, directed by Artem Gryanik
2. Based on a true story, directed by Dmitry Kiryushkin
3. Hound, Russia, directed by Fyodor Selkin
4. DestructoZhanna, Russia, directed by Maxim Kudymov
5. Esc, Russia, directed by Evgeny Nikitin
6. In two minds, Germany, directed by Fabian Schwab
8. Sick Doctor, China, directed by Jiang Dong
9. The Night Cashier, Germany, directed by Dirk Rosenlöcher
10. National Superheroes, Russia
REALIST-2021 opens submissions!
All submissions are FREE. The deadline – May, 30 (applications submitted after that date will not be accepted). Each application must contain the links to the video files (two episodes of the web series), the project title and the series synopsis.

Web series, submitted to the REALIST WEB FEST competition, should be produced in 2019-21 and has at least two episodes. We accept feature, documentary and animated web series of any genre, length, language, and country of origin.

All of the last year's applications, submitted to the canceled due to the pandemic Realist edition, won't be ignored and will be considered alongside with the new applications.

To submit, please, use the special submission form on the official REALIST web site webfestival.ru/en/, e-mail: info@webfestival.ru or do it via FilmFreeway page - both have the full information about the event and the list of the festival rules and regulations.
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