Winners 2018
Best Series: Terror 404, Canada
Best Screenplay: Hotel Romanov, Uruguay
Best Director: Alex Dobrenko (Distance, USA)
Best Character: Hani's Barber Shop, Israel
Best Character: The Man for Your Sins, Germany
Best Idea: Almighty, Kazakhstan
Best Idea: Bar "Talk it Up", Russia
Online Platforms' Jury Choice: Che Peruano, Argentina and Hani's Barber Shop

Special prizes:
n'RIS Choice:
Wild digital, Russia) и Almighty, Kazakhstan
Digital Reporter's Choice: Dark Area, Arseniy Gonchukov
Winners 2019
Best Series: Millionaire from Balashikha (Russia)
Best Director: Shota Gamisonia, In Bed (Russia)
Best Screenplay: Theatre People (USA)
Best Screenplay: Dead End (Israel)
Best Idea: 1968. Digital (Russia)
Best Character: Boldiouk & Bradock (Belgium)
Best Character: Noche de Amor (Argentina)

Special prizes:
Digital Reporter's Choice+Rutube|LiST: «Collegiate Assesor» (Russia)